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Lesbo101 Review

Reviewed: 2006-01-29
Quick site rank and complete review of Lesbo101 | Categories: Legal Teens, Lesbian, Reality, Video

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silver rank
Our Rating: 88/100

Quality of Content: 21/25

Purchase Value: 18/20

Leased/Own Content: 13/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

Exclusive lesbian videos and pictures featuring Gabriella (the hostess) and 2 other girls, often shooting for the first time. Plenty of bonus content and free access to more adult sites are also promised on the tour.

My Opinion About Lesbo101

Update - Posted on 01/30/06: Sarah Moon continues to host Lesbo101, which is one of the better girl on girl sites out there, but now she shares that delectable job with the former sex teacher, Gabriella, which is fine by me since I can't resist two sexy lesbians.

Updates are consistently steady, and while a few things have changed here, others have stayed the same. Lesbo 101 has always given loads of 3rd party extras, but now your admission fee gives you three bonus sites including BrunoB, BikiniHookups and HardcoreTraining. There are currently 149 lessons to sink your teeth into and they continue to be 480x360, 732Kbps .wmv files that you can download. What hasn't changed is how hot and sweaty these babes can make you feel! With each video you get a set of poor-quality video grabs, but the site has added a higher quality picture gallery. There are 7 categories with crisp 800x600 downloadable .jpg files and the lesbian gallery alone has 1,512 picture sets. The action is still hot as young, gorgeous amateurs are taught what it's really like to be a lesbian. Lesbo101 continues to be a sizzling site that will keep you going from one explosive orgasm after another. End of Update.

Update: I am posting an update today (06/21/2004), because there is a new host performer on Lesbo 101. Gabriella is gone, and now they have a new "sex teacher" - Sarah, who looks even more slutty than Gabriella did :-) End of Update

Original Review follows : Lesbo 101 is a site backed by one strong and experienced Canadian adult entertainment company, so I expect no less than high quality content, hassle free navigation and frequent updates of the members area. The tour explains the concept of the site pretty detailed - according to it, Gabriella (the main performer on this site) is going to teach wannabe lesbians how to treat a woman and make her cum, so let me log in and see whether they really offer what they promise.

Gabriella seems to be around 28-30 years old and according to her own words, she is bisexual but likes to teach girls how to have sex with each other. Every week she receives two new "students", and let me tell you majority of them is really hot, not all of course but good 60-70% look just hot. Pulling of my calculator - to date she held 75 lessons times 2 girls per lesson, that would mean 150 different girls - am I a mathematical genius or what :-)

The girls you will find inside of the members section represent a good variety of mostly Canadian girls, some of them are pornstars, some are just arising starlets while some of them are doing this for the first time in their life. The same goes for their looks - whether you like blondes or brunettes, busty or flat girls - Gabriella has a girl like that for you. And of course all these babes like to burry their faces deep into other girl's crotch, just like any good lesbian babe should :-)

Lesbo 101 is mainly a video site, there are also pics available but the main focus is clearly the videos. Each "lesbian lesson" is filmed for later evaluation and feedback and now you have the opportunity to be the judge. Once you have picked a lesson you would like to watch, you can pick between high and low resolution (6 version in total), download each scene straight to your hard drive and watch it over and over until your dick blows :-) There is one thing I didn't like about the videos, all scenes are cut into smaller clips (aprox. 5 minutes each), and the option to download them in one piece is not available. Separate scenes are usually between 20 to 35 minutes long, so that means 7 clips per scene on average.

You should always choose the highest possible quality when downloading videos, which in this case means the 700WMA version. Given that you choose the highest quality level, you will gain a collection of high quality exclusive lesbian videos, that play without problems in full screen mode. Of course you can also check out about 50-80 pics for each scene, but those are just screen caps made of the videos - still good enough to find out more about the "lesson" prior to downloading it.

Each scene starts with a bit of talking (usually the whole first clip) which is great actually, because I like to get some info about the girls I am about to watch perform - it gives the site sort of a personal touch. Next the girls strip, and start to play together. Soon there are tongues, fingers and some toys involved until the girls cum (I don't know if they fake it or not, but it looks real very often). Obviously Gabriella is talking to them all time, trying to get the best out of both girls and sometimes she even gets involved. The girls are having a lot of fun and it's very obvious they enjoy themselves all the time - from some reason the videos look very "natural" I mean it looks somehow different from a regular porn movie.

Besides the already mentioned exclusive videos and pictures, Lesbo 101 is loaded with 3rd party leased stuff and some feeds owned by the same company. It gives additional value to your membership, but it's still just leased feeds that I am not a big fan of - although I have do admit some of it is great, for example "Brunob" or "Peter North" feeds. Those of you who have fast connections will be able to watch quite a lot of streaming videos or live shows here, the rest of you can dig those feeds for more picures.

Final Verdict

Lesbo101.Com is a very good lesbian site with a nice amount of exclusive content. Their girls look mostly hot and natural, the videos are pretty long and in very good quality. The only negative is videos being cut into smaller clips, but it's not that big problem for me. Site is updated weekly with a new "lesson", which is not bad too. If you are looking for some steamy lesbian action, with both amateur and pro porn models, this site will surely fit your needs.

Members Area ScreenShots

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Sample Pictures

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User Comments

2013 Jul 29, 14:01, Northeast Ohio
Hot damn, I luv lesbians

2013 Jul 29, 14:01, Northeast Ohio
Hot damn, I luv lesbians

2011 Sep 30, 18:13, india
You girls are so hot that I wish I can have sex with you.

2008 Aug 13, 22:41, love_me120
Great videos - take long to download but it is certainly worth the time. Site could be updated more than it is but nevertheless it is a very good lesbian site.

Shea Tooker
2006 Sep 10, 16:35, Englewood
You girls are so hot that I wish I can have sex with you.

2006 Mar 05, 05:39, na
this are good

2005 Dec 03, 22:48, tank band
so sweet

Lynn Surse
2005 Nov 19, 15:01, vennia
it was the best and it made me cum every time i watchd it and i'am a girl and it is hard to make me cum .the two that i liked the best was with those two classes they were so hot,and the other one was with pamela & megan pamela is so fucking hot i love her pussy .the pink and tan of her skin was so sexy i could' take i had to cum right there right now so i put three fingers in my pussy and started moaning and cumming at the same time.i love watching lation wemon fuck each other it is such a turn on to me .I also love going to ( HER FIRST LESBIAN SEX) it is the best to.

2005 Oct 21, 03:56, UK
Nice site, but is it just me, but don't all the girls just seem a bit skanky. They are attractive but in a Jerry Springer guest way.

2005 Sep 07, 05:48, Georgia
The coolest site in the world yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!

2005 Sep 05, 03:49, Aussie
Bullshit site, my friend.....

2005 Aug 22, 20:23, ca
Matuloo-Admin -- To tell you the truth I agree with "r" -- I looked at the site (and others run by gamma, e.g. BrunoB, YT, etc) before and decided not to join based on their privacy policy. We're the customers, any info provided is to pay the $$$ and it shouldn't be used for anything other than that. End of story, Period. And the posted policy should reflect that.

2005 Aug 03, 12:40, Admin
"R" I wouldnt care about that privacy policy much. The maximum they would do with your contact info, is send you an email when they open a new site or offer you some discount to join again in the future. Gamma is a solid company, running since the "beginning" of the Internet, so they wouldnt risk their business with compromising privcy info.

2005 Aug 03, 09:08, nowhere
I'd like to join, but Gamma's privacy policy is terrible. Most web sites promise to protect personal info, but here's what Lesbo 101 says:

"As soon as the subscriber uses the website, the subscriber agrees that Gamma Entertainment may use any personal information that has been provided or collected by the website about the subscriber for any purpose"

2005 Jan 07, 15:26, Dallas Texas

2004 Jul 16, 16:00, bggh
pretty good site

2004 Jun 13, 14:21, Mtl
The site has a new webmistress now, Sarah Moon and she's even more into girls than Gabriella was.

2004 Mar 31, 13:38, US
Great videos - take long to download but it is certainly worth the time. Site could be updated more than it is but nevertheless it is a very good lesbian site.